Melatonin: A Dietary Supplement Of Sleep Hormone

Melatonin is powerful which makes it known as a miracle drug. Melatonin supplements become highly common for over the period of time. In the United States, how to get better sleep remains unanswered until this powerful drug comes out. There are many people reported that they are suffering from a sleeping disorder. An average of 30% adults faces insomnia. Plus, 35.3% are suffering from sleep deprivation. Hence, a sleeping supplement consumption becomes a norm. Also, the melatonin benefits bodybuilding supplement had helped a number of people maintain a good body build. To have a lack of sleep results to affect the build of a body. In fact, many people have been looking for a good supplement to maintain a good body build. However, they fail to realize that having a lack of sleep affects the build of a body.

The sleep hormone melatonin

For melatonin users, they must be aware that taking too much of the supplement can cause unwanted feeling. Some of the patients who have taken too much of the drug encountered unwanted outcome like a seizure. Once the seizure is heard, of course, everybody will be afraid. Now, melatonin is known as an effective dietary supplement of sleep hormone. It has gained immense popularity to be a good sleeping aid. According to a survey, over 3 million Americans are using the supplement.

sleep hormone

Patients that have a synthetic version of the drug to improve sleeping pattern becomes alarming. Most of them become dependent on the drug, which is not good. Instead of taking a drug for medication, it ends up as a temporary med. To relax after a tiring day is all the people wanted. Which the other people used to get a new time zone by making the night a day, and day night. With the use of melatonin to get a good sleep helps to overcome sleeping disorder and to make sure a good and sound night.

The melatonin side effects

All types of drugs are not safe to take too much. An over consumption of a drug can cause an additional health problem, instead of treating the present one. Once a drug is taken too much, probably, it causes side effects. An over consumption of melatonin will cause unwanted side effect. In fact, it causes unwanted side effects that a patient never want to happen. Melatonin is safe to take orally in a controlled dose for a short-term. The rare side effects of this powerful drug include headaches, drowsiness, and dizziness. For children who are taking melatonin is not safe to take too much melatonin consumption. For the children who have neurological disorder triggers seizure. From the fact that the drug is powerful medicine, it is not that safe to take more than the recommended dosage. It is not said that the supplement is not safe, it is just a person who takes the drug has its right dosage. Melatonin becomes alarming in good ways. However, those who encounter a problem of taking the supplement find it unsafe. So, better consult a doctor.

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